Jason vs. Page Weight – Accessibility Series, pt. 2


When the topic of Web Accessibility arises, I immediately think of a standard set of keywords: ADA/508 compliance, information architecture, JavaScript, well-formed HTML, ALT text, etc. This list represents the things that, as I have been taught over the past few years, have significant impact on the accessibility of a page and a site.

Recently, during an accessibility assessment, I discovered a new factor to consider: page weight. Read more ›

Jason vs. Accessibility, pt. 1


Since January, 2000, the JavaScript statistics have been all over board, as high as an estimated 20% and as low as an estimated 5%. In the same timeframe JavaScript, and browser support thereof, has improved to the point that it is one of the most useful tools in a designer’s toolbox. How, then, are we supposed to do without? Read more ›